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Seasonal Events

Parties and special activities are planned to co-incide with the special occasions of Canadian and Japanese Holidays.

We celebrate New Year’s Day through Japan’s traditional games and craft-making.

We have Setsubun Party to pray for the arrival of spring.
For Valentine’s Day, children wear colours like red, pink and purple to have a party.

We celebrate Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival) by decorating Japanese Hina-dolls.

We have Easter Party and enjoy colouring and hunting eggs.

We celebrate Children’s Day singing songs and displaying carp-shaped streamers.

Graduation Ceremony & Concert is held at JCCC for children who are graduating into Kindergartens and Grade 1. All children at Ikebata Nursery School will perform the song and dances they’ve learned & paracticed at this Concert.

We learn history of Canada Day.
For Tanabata Festival, we make wishes by decorating a bamboo tree.

Summer Festival is held at Nursery Playground to celebrate the end of the summer. There wil be Bon Dance, Yo-yo catching, Bake & Craft sale, and many more fun attractions!

We celebrate Moon Festival making rice cake dumplings.

Halloween Party is held when children enjoy trick-or-treat in costumes.
We enjoy stories and craft-making for the Thanksgiving Day.

To celebrate Japanese 753 Festival, children enjoy making crafts related to the 753 Festival.

We have Winter Concert at JCCC.  Children will perform the dance, songs & play that they practiced very hard, so don’t miss it!


Weekly and Monthly Events

Fire Drill:
Ikebata Nursery School conducts Fire Evacuation Drills on a monthly basis.

Show and Tell:
Each child will have a turn to present his/her Show and Tell in front of his/her classmates. We focus on building self-esteem and confidence by speaking in front of the whole class.

Cooking Class:
Every month, each class takes part in a cooking class in a clean, safe and healthy environment. The children will be taught the importance of cleanliness, the names of fruits, vegetables, fish, etc. of the season, where they come from, what they look like/taste like, and how to cook.

Yearly Events

Field Trips:
Field trips will be scheduled throughout the year to various places such as: farms, parks, the zoo, a fire station, a police station, museums, and other community places.

Work Shops:
Special instructors will be invited throughout the year to do workshops on a variety of topics to give children wonderful and exciting new experiences in such things as; Japanese martial arts, folk dances, tea ceremony, pottery workshops, music concerts, etc.

Graduation Ceremony:
Graduation Ceremony is held in June for the children who are leaving the Nursery to become Grade One in September. We will issue an achievement award to children who are leaving prior to going in to Grade One.

Winter Concert:                                                                                    We have a Winter Concert at JCCC in December.  Children will perform the dance, songs & play that they practiced very hard, so don’t miss it!