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In order to bring out in the children his/her best talents and endless possibilities, we provide a fun, structured, unique and varied program.

Daily Program

All programs are structured to give each child a variety of experience everyday.

We learn how to greet properly depending on the time and the context.

Arts and Crafts:
We make beautiful crafts using various materials including recycle objects. Fine motor skills & eye-hand coordination skills are built through cutting, gluing, collaging, painting, drawing and holding paper.

Dance & Music:
There are songs of the season that the children will learn and sing in the morning.           Children will have chances to play musical instruments, too!

Sports (Gross Motor Activities):
A variety of individual and team sports & games are played indoors and outdoors every day (weather permitting).

We learn the table manners and the importance of food & nutritious balance.

We have a rest/quiet time to re-charge the energy for the afternoon activities.


Educational Materials

Through individual and group play using various toys, children acquire rich imagination and learn group rules.

Learning materials:
We provide flash cards (Alphabet, Hiragana, Katakana, and Numbers), various jigsaw puzzles and many other fun learning materials.

Language and literacy:
Various kinds of Japanese books are introduced considering the children’s learning stages and ages.
We also use Japanese Hiragana & Katakana workbooks to introduce reading and writing for preschoolers, in a low ratio, tutorial-style setting.

Special Program

Field trips are planned throughout the year to various local attractions such as farms, parks and museums.